A common question from potential clients, is how long will it take for my claim to be resolved? It is always a difficult one to answer. Each case is different. Even if a hospital Trust has made open admissions in an investigation report, perhaps admitting that care fell below an appropriate standard, these may not be echoed in civil proceedings. To bring a claim, an individual also needs to show that with an appropriate level of care, treatment would have been different and altered the outcome or prognosis. This element of a case is often in dispute. So if you know it could take up to 15 years to settle a claim, why would you bother, when you face living with the consequences of an injury every day? To secure the future, as best you can. That is what we hope to achieve for our clients. It is not possible to say what aids and equipment an individual will need as a result of an amputation, or what level of care they might require in the future because of a brain injury. However, we can estimate these with the aid of expert reports, in an effort to secure funds for the future so that the client is not left struggling any more than they have to with their injury. If liability is admitted, before a final valuation of the case can be discussed, interim payments to meet immediate needs can also be arranged. This is something few people are aware of, and which mean that the injured person gets help a lot quicker and more effectively. They don't have to wait for the final valuation of the claim.