Such an impressive feat for this amputee, 20 years after she was wrongly diagnosed with bone cancer, and underwent amputation of her leg. Vicki is undertaking a swim across the English Channel to raise funds for Aspire, the charity that helps people who have been paralysed by spinal cord injuries. She says she is "still tackling the long term health effects [of the amputation] and the consequences of the misdiagnosis". Amputation is a life changing injury. Vicki was able to complete her studies at the time and obtain her degree, but for many people such a traumatic injury can alter their career path, and their life plan, until it is no longer recognisable. Amputees often suffer with phantom limb pain and issues with prosthetics, all of which can slow down their recovery. We hope Vicki does well with her swim and raises a good sum for Aspire.