Some recent research suggests that your chances of surviving sepsis can depend on which hospital you attend. The research featured 290 patients and found that only 12% were screened in line with best practice. Whilst this is a concerning statistic, "significant advances" are being made in the fight against the condition. This is because of increased awareness of the condition thanks to campaigns such as the 2002 Surviving Sepsis Campaign and the tireless work of the UK Sepsis Trust.  Knowing the symptoms is key and the UK Sepsis Trust's current campaign is aimed at educating people so that they know when to ask "Could this be sepsis?". Sepsis can develop rapidly but if diagnosed in accordance with best practices, treatment in the form of IV fluids and antibiotics can be given in time to save a life.  That said, there is always more that can be done and we are working alongside the UK Sepsis Trust to try and raise awareness of this potentially deadly condition. If you'd like more information about sepsis please visit the UK Sepsis Trust's website here Similarly, if you have been affected by a delay in diagnosis of sepsis, please get in touch with us on 0800 307 7620.