In January, Cervical Cancer Awareness week will take place, with Jo's Trust and other charities campaigning again to raise awareness of the disease and the importance of smear tests.

Never was this more clearly highlighted than in this case, where Jessica Jenkins was diagnosed at 18, and subsequently told after treatment, that she would not be able to conceive naturally. 

Her mother offered to act as her surrogate, and the baby was born last week.

Whilst the public is aware of some of the treatments available for cervical cancer, the aftermath of treatments and long term side effects are not so obvious. Complications can arise as a result of chemotherapy, and brachytherapy can cause serious side effects.

The team at Boyes Turner has represented many women who have experienced a delay in diagnosis of cervical cancer, and will be working with Jo's Trust and the other cervical cancer charities in January, to continue to get young people to address this critical issue.