One of the issues we often get asked about by clients is what assistance we can provide with ensuring a child with disabilities has help in school.

Often, this burden falls to the parent, and they have to try to understand a complex system of assessments and the right of appeal, whilst liaising with the school and local council.

It can be very complicated, and as in this case, doesn't always result in the outcome that the parent wants. 

We appreciate that education is the cornerstone of the future for all children, and so it is important that they get as much help as possible, and that is required, to advance, despite any disability they might have. 

As part of any medical negligence claim, we will consider the educational needs of a child, and have an in house team of education specialist lawyers who can assist parents and offer advice on this topic.

We need to ensure that children with disabilities are given the best opportunity possible to achieve a good level of education.