Concerns build as the future of rural maternity units such as Ludlow, Bridgnorth and Oswestry are unknown. 

Shropshire Star reports that a new contract is due to be signed by 23 December but it remains unclear whether this will include maternity-led units or whether these will have to  be converted into birthing centers. 

If converted into birthing centers, these will only be open in the day time with one midwife on call to open the center if a women was to go into labour. 

Giving birth can be an anxious time for women and this anxiety will only be increased if they go into labour when the center is closed, having to rely on an on-call midwife to respond. 

Boyes Turner has extensive experience in birth injury claims, specifically cerebral palsy claims and is concerned about the impact these changes could have on the safety of women and their babies. 

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