We have received a number of enquiries recently from client's who experienced a delay in diagnosis of a tear, sustained at the time of childbirth. They are seeking our assistance because the symptoms they are suffering with have finally got too much for them to deal with alone, and they have sought medical intervention. 

Sadly, many women experience a tear or other injury at the time of childbirth. In many cases this goes undiagnosed, or is diagnosed incorrectly. A delay in an adequate repair can have serious consequences. 

Women can suffer with faecal incontinence issues, urgency and even require a colostomy bag to enable major surgery to be carried out. 

And then there are the psychological consequences that women have to deal with as well.

It's great to see midwives like Adelaide Aduboffour taking the initiative on such a significant issue, and arranging training on correctly identifiying perineal tears in women post childbirth. We hope it will lead to a more timely diagnosis for women and early intervention that will result in a better outcome.