diabetic related amputation between 2012 and 2015, in East Yorkshire.

What a scary number!

And with 18,300 people estimated to be living with diabetes in the same geographic area, it has never been more apparent how much a good foot care service is needed. 

If a diabetic patient cannot access prompt and good foot care services, they are at risk of suffering a diabetic related amputation.

As this article highlights, good foot care has meant improved prevention and treatment.  This in turn has clearly reduced the number of foot ulcers and amputation as well as making cost savings for the Trust. 

We are seeing more cases where diabetic patients are reporting a loss of sensation in one or both feet, and then are having to wait to be seen by a podiatrist or foot specialist.  This results in a worsening of symptoms and in the cases of our clients, sadly has left them with the amputation of a lower limb.