The UK is behind the rest of the western world in diagnosing brain tumours. The  aim of the HeadSmart campaign is to educate parents and people caring for young children in the signs and symptoms to be aware of, which will hopefully avoid delays in diagnosing brain tumours. 

Even a short delay can have a significant effect on treatment and prognosis for someone suffering with a brain tumour, no matter how slow growing the tumour may be. 

Tumours in children are more difficult to diagnose because children struggle to communicate their symptoms effectively and what toddler do you know can articulate that they have a severe headache? 

We need to be more aware of the signs and symptoms of a brain tumour so that we as parents can request further investigations via a GP or specialist. 

We need to do more to raise awareness, and this is why Parliamentary candidate Priti Patel is calling for more to be done to raise awareness using the HeadSmart resources available from The Brain Tumour Charity.