It is encouraging to read a local diabetes group in Fareham and Gosport have taken charge and put forward a report with recommendations to reduce the number of diabetes-related amputations in the area.

It has been reported that Fareham and Gosport has "one of the worst rates for diabetes-related amputations in the country," highlighting the need for significant change.

Recommendations within the recent report include better education for diabetic patients and further training in GP surgeries.  

With Diabetes week coming up (11-17 June 2017), Diabetes UK recognise that whilst many patients have a good understanding of diabetes and the management of it, a lot of patients don't get the right help and support to look after their diabetes. Education and awareness are key to reducing the many avoidable diabetes related amputations.

The report also highlighted that less than 50% of patients with diabetes received a foot risk score, which looks at the risks of a patient developing diabetes-related issues in their feet, potentially leading to amputation.  Identifying foot risks and treating accordingly at an early stage could again help reduce the number of amputations.

Positively, many practices have already accepted the recommendations. We hope to hear in due course of positive changes from these recommendations.